Mjölby-Svartådalen Energi AB

Mjölby-Svartådalen Energi AB – more commonly known as MSE – is an energy company that makes things easy for its customers. It is important to us to keep things simple for everyone who lives and works in the region of Mjölby.

We supply homes and companys with electricity, district heating and fibre connections. We work to generate a durable and sustainable energy supply, progressively establishing infrastructure in the form of electricity, district heating and fibre networks with the intention of helping people to thrive and Mjölby to grow.

We at MSE generate renewable energy in our CHP plant, our wind turbines and our hydropower stations.

Services for the local market

Distribution of electricity
 – We take care of the local power grid and make sure that everyone in and around Mjölby has access to electricity, performing this work through our subsidiary Mjölby kraftnät AB.

Electricity trading
 – The electricity you use in your home or at your company is purchased from an electricity company. It is important that you sign an electricity agreement to cover your power consumption. If you sign an agreement with Bixia, you receive one consolidated invoice from us, comprising both your electricity consumption and your grid fee.

Mjölby-Svartådalen Energi is the second-largest owner of Bixia – one of the biggest electricity trading companies in Sweden – where the electricity supplied comes predominantly from renewable sources. Bixia supplies customers throughout Sweden and is one of the electricity trading companies in Sweden that buys and sells the largest proportion of electricity generated by small-scale plants.

District heating
 – We keep you warm, every day. We supply homes, premises and companies with heating through a grid of underground pipes that carry hot water from our facilities to our customers. At Mjölby CHP plant, we use biofuel (wood chips) to generate electricity. We then use the heat created during the electricity production process and use it to heat water that we distribute to our customers. Our customers’ homes or businesses are fitted with heat exchangers that transfer the heat from our hot water to their water systems.

Fibre/Broadband – The leading supplier of data communication services in the region. A finely developed infrastructure for broadband is essential to the development of society and economy alike. Utsikt Bredband AB is one of the leading suppliers in the region of fast, secure data communication services for private citizens, businesses, operators and property owners. The company supplies fibre broadband with open competition between providers of Internet, TV and telephone services. A joint venture between Tekniska verken and Mjölby- Svartådalen Energi AB, Utsikt operates the urban net – i.e. the open local broadband networks – in Linköping, Katrineholm and Mjölby.

 – The Svartån river runs from Lake Sommen in Småland to Roxen Lake. MSE own six hydropower stations located along its course, which generate electricity for the local grid.

Wind power
 – We are strongly committed to renewable energy and are joint owners of 16 wind turbines In fact, a total of 49 wind power plants are connected to our electricity grid.